Sweet 2013

There were dreams shattered. Wishes didn’t come true. Plan didn’t happen. All things like that. But most of all, I learned to accept rejection and failure and to some extent betrayal.

Don’t get me wrong, I think 2013 is sweet.

I got to spend more time with him, travelled to new places and experienced new things.

However, it is a long way to come to the sweet part.

On the work side, the hard-work from previous years are starting to pay off. Such a relieved. There were so many things going on. Honest to be told, this part took over the biggest part of my days, my brain and my mind. Oh yes, I grow so much out of this. It is still on going so I hope I am heading the right direction on this.

I had to be grateful that I was told to bed-rest. From one week to another and another. A whole full month! I eat and sleep and do nothing else. It was like someone slapped me in my face and said, ”I told you so.” I had been warned in 2012 to take things easier. I insisted that I had take everything way easier but not apparently it wasn’t easy enough.

However, the biggest lesson came after I arrived at the office.

There is not much I can share here, but let me tell you something, putting your heart too much to one thing will not do you any good. Often things you love disappointed you but you just need to make a decision and move on. Write this reminds me of the hurts I felt.

Still from the same front, I realized that put my life into different compartments work. You have several different circles in life and you need to keep it that way. Some consist of beautiful souls, someone you can trust and will always be there for you. Some are acquaintances and you shouldn’t hope too much out of it, and that is OK too.  In the end, 2013 taught me the face of my real friends. Strange is I don’t feel defeated. I am feeling overly grateful.

I should be grateful for all trips to places where I meet beautiful people. In 2013 I decided to take the best out of every mission I took, every weekend getaway I planned, every trips I made. To see a place like it’s my first time. To open up to every possibility. To take as much picture as I can. To feel everything given to me. I am blessed to see places not too familiar for most people. To see sunrise and sunset at different places. To be greeted with a big smile from stranger. Those trips are fuel to my energy level.

This year, I am grateful for this person who always stand beside me and hold me hand. Thank you for always being there through the good and bad times. When I am pretty and ugly. When I full of tears and full of joy. I don’t think it is easy being part of my life.

Yes, 2013 was a sweet year. Perfect level of sweet.

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